Backup Exec for Netware v9.0 build 4172 on Netware 6 and Netware 6 for
SMall Business. Both have SP1 installed, both have traditional and NSS

We cannot restore a folder or files!! Error "Media format inconsistency
has been detected - error 24616"
We can restore a total volume successfully.

This error happens using a Tandberg SLR5 and SLR7. We have backed up on
each then attempted to restore. A full catalog on the tape makes no
difference. Controller is Adaptec 29160, Adaptec 2110S respectively.

It appears that if we edit BESRVR.CFG and set Use_fast_file_access=0
then the restore happens (dreadfully slow). Note that these tape drives
and same servers worked fine with BE v8.x so the tape drives and
controllers do support fast file access.

I have posted an email onto Veritas email support.
Geoffrey Mills

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