I think I may be slightly confused as to how these media sets work, would
someone please enlighten me.

I have created 3 policies, daily, weekly and monthly. I have created 3
backup jobs with the same names. I then created 3 media sets and instructed
the backup jobs to use media from the matching set.

On Monday, my weekly back ran with the tape I had inserted from the weekly
media set. For testing, I then left this tape in and Tuesday's backup
began. I would have expected it to tell me that no media was available,
since it is supposed to use media from the daily set. Instead, it moved the
tape from the weekly set to the daily set and used that tape.

Do I have something set wrong or is the working "as designed?"

Any ideas would be appreciated.

My setup:

BackupExec for NetWare 9.0 Build 4172 running on NetWare 6.0 SP2.

(I think that I have 4172.2, but the about screen doesn't tell me this, is
there a way to know for sure?)