I have just received this. I do not use BE 9.0 for NetWare, however. Good

VERITAS Technical Support has recently discovered a security issue with VERITAS
Backup Exec for NetWare, prior to versions 9.0 build 4172. This TechAlert
is to inform you of the circumstances and/or conditions under which this
problem could occur and to provide the remedy for it. This alert was generated
because product quality and customer responsiveness are consistent VERITAS
Software hallmarks. Any issues that could
potentially affect your data, no matter how rare, are viewed as
extremely serious.

A security issue with Backup Exec for NetWare has been discovered which,
under certain circumstances, can allow unauthorized root access.

This issue has been fully resolved in version 9.0 build 4172. VERITAS Software
highly recommends that all administrators of Backup Exec for NetWare v9.0
upgrade to this version (or greater when available) immediately. Alternately,
a security patch is also available to resolve this issue in cases where an
upgrade is not feasible.

For specific details on installation, upgrade procedures, download of the
v9.0 build 4172 or the security patch, please see the document below:

VERITAS Software Corporation