I have recently upgraded from BE v8.5 to BE v9.0. Things are mostly working
except for backing up NDS. I consistently get the following results:

Backup set started: 05/23/02 at 09:47:52a

Media ID: 2cb6bbee Media 1
Media description: "Media Created on May 20, 2002"
Set 16 created 05/23/02
BarCode: BR5015
Set name: "BackupJob_8"
Set description: "BackupJob_8"
Backup of UNCSON.Novell Directory/SON-UNCCH/.[Root]:
Drive: "HA:0 ID:3 LUN:0 QUANTUM DLT7000"
Novell SMS errors were encountered.
Begin Novell SMS errors:
A transport failure has occured.
End Novell SMS errors.

Total directories: 15
Total files: 0
Total bytes: 166,013 (0.1 Megabytes)
Total time: 00:00:08
Throughput: 20,751 bytes/second (1.1 Megabytes/minute)

Backup set ended: 05/23/02 at 09:48:13a

Any ideas on whatis going wrong ? Thanks -- Dave