I am desperately trying to install BackupExec 7.5 on a NetWare 3.12/3.20
server... Problem is as following: The server crashes/hang during installation
- means the installation process (from a Windows-workstation) runs as it
should - but stops at 79%,80%,81% (I think last installed file is setup.xxx)
- each time I restart the installation procedure it will get me one percent
closer to the aim... Ive redone the installation procedure several times,
actually it hangs at 85% :-( After this only thing what I can do is to restart
resp. power-off/-on the server - everything hangs - and the workstation only
tells me "missing reply from server".
Ive also tried to install BE directly from the server harddisc - means Ive
manually copiied the CD on the hard disc and installed it directly - with
the same (negative result), so the network connection cannot be the problem
at all...

My configuration is as following:

* NetWare 3.12 - 100 User (with "actual" patch / v3.20)
* Name Space OS2 added for long file name support
* 256 MB RAM
* 30 GB IDE Harddisc (one small DOS boot partition, remaining space for one
big netware partition)
* Adaptec AHA2940UW
* HP DAT C1537
* 3COM 3C905B NIC

Any idea???