OK I have been fighting a long hard battle with backup 8.5 on 5.06a server
this is what is happening.When I run a back up the next mourning my utilization
the next mourning was stuck at 68% this has happen a few times rebooting
the server gets it back but is our main production server so it is a butt
chewing each I have to reboot it. Well last Friday I just let it ride till
about 2:00 at 68% and I restored a file from that tape and after it was complete
the utilization went down to 3%.Then on my weekend backup I came in and check
it saturday it ran fine and was at 3% utilization cool all was grand until
Monday mourning when someone needed a file restored when I went to restore
it utilization shot up to 68% and then I lost VOL1.So I had to reboot the
server and the utilization came back to normal and have not run Back up
since. Anybody have a clue what I should do?