I have two customers with exactly the same server config that are experiencing
SCSI timeout errors using BE 7.5 with Netware 3.2. They both have Megaraid
1400 3-channel raid servers and have successfully used this product for over
six months without fail. In the last few weeks I cannot seem to get the scheduler
to go a couple of days without getting a SCSI timeout error. Sometime I can
do the backup manually, but then fail to do so with the scheduler. Other
times I have to exit BE and reinitialize it to continue. The failures are
sporadic during the week, but are consistent on Friday nights (scheduled
daily backup on MTWRF at 11p). Anyone else ever experienced this problem?
Veritas will not help because the Megaraid is not supported. I am using the
mega-aspi driver and have implemented the modifications outlined in the timeout.pdf
on the veritas website.