Hi all,

I am trying to install Backup Exec 8.0 on a Dell 2400 Poweredge server, with
Netware 5, for use with a Quantum DLT8000 tape drive. The SCSI card that
I am trying to connect to is an Adaptec 7890, which is built into the server.
Everything seems to go ok (I can see the tape drive under the SCSI BIOS),
until I try and set up the partitions using Job Manager. When Job Manager
trys to Initialise Tape Hardware Unit, I get "The device driver load was
unsuccessful." And a list of recommended actions. I have loaded AIC78U2.HAM
in STARTUP.NCF, which seems to be ok. I have tried 2 different SCSI ID's...
3 and 12. The only other relevant suggestion is to check HARDWARE.DOC, which
I have done. The only thing that seems relevant there to me is that some
embedded Adaptec SCSI controllers do not detect devices attached to the SCSI
bus properly. To cure this, it suggests that I add LOAD AD_ASPI.NLM /X in
my bestart.ncf, which I have tried, but doesn't seem to make any difference.
I have checked my SYS:\BKUPEXEC\BKUPEXEC.FAX file, and this only reports
a 1008 message, and a couple of 1003 messages.

Any help anyone can give greatly appreciated.