I've started having a corrupt file problem after upgrading some of the key
hardware in our NetWare 5.0 server. Amongst other things, we've moved from
PII-266, Adaptec 2940U2W to Athlon-1G, Adaptec 29160. However, I've kept
the same HP 24i dat drive. It comes off the 68 pin SE bus on the Adaptec,
there are no other devices on that bus - the HDD is on the LVD. I use an
active 68 pin terminator on the SE cable, and a 68-50 pin convertor to connect
to the DAT drive. The Adaptec reports no termination warnings when starting.

We're backing up with Backup Exec 8. I get no errors during the backup/writing
phase. However, during the verification/reading phase I get a very small
number of "corrupt files on tape" - eg 2 out of 95000 files. I've not had
this problem before the upgrade. I've tried (thoroughly) cleaning the DAT
and using a new HP tape. But each night I generally get these small errors,
although occasionally it all passes successfully.

HP's diagnostic tool, TPASSURE.NLM, reports no errors or problems with the
drive, including doing a read/write test.

David Last
Wilmslow High School (UK)