Continue with my previous question---this is really what I need to ask I
have a 270gb of data that I am going to either put on 1 NSS volume or break
it up on 10 NSS volumes---it doesnt really matter to me but was thinking
ease of backups. I have a 7 drive DLT7 loader with 7 tapes(no cleaning
tape). I need the best advice on how to automate it as much as possible for
an operator and I suppose minimize tape changes. I figure I can get about
45gb on a drive as these are compressed db files. So I am not sure whether
to define a separate partition for full and one for diff's or just a single
partition. I am going to use the standard 3 week horizon. Also can I assume
I can prepare about 10 tapes beforehand and when a new tape is needed I can
simply put tape 8 in and it will see that it has already been prepared?
Thanks---I am kind of dumb with these rotations!