We're running BUEX 8.5, Multi-Server on Netware 5.0. We recently installed
a SONY 9000 Autoloader. I'm learning that partitions are viewed as 'one
large tape' and each job will always start with the tape in the first slot
in the partition. If "overwrite" is specified in any job, the tape(s), as
directed, starting with the first slot, will be overwritten, unless manually
removed. Is there an option for "Expiration Date" to be applied to a tape
so that subsequent jobs will not overwrite tapes but find the next available
'writable' tape within that partition?

We didn't purchase the Autoloader Option because we felt that the default
Autoloader option that comes with 8.5 would be sufficient for our purposes.
If I need to build multiple partitions (because the Expiration Date option
won't work), will the default Autoloader suffice or do I need to buy the
Autoloader Option?

Thanx for any input.