Running NW 5.0 and BE 8.0, had a server crash, and had to reinstall NDS.
After I got back up and running, I wanted to restore my NDS off of tape, but
when I try to restore, I get a message of "There are no restore targets
readily available. Connect to the desired target objects in the backup
sources window and retry." When I go to the backup sources window, and I
try to click on Netware Agents, I show nothing, no file system, novell
directory, nothing. I have followed some TID's from veritas, but I am
unable to submit a backup job, and I am unable to restore. When I check the
job history, I get the error "Unable to obtain user name for history records
owned by "username" - I followed the TID on this and still getting the
error. I unloaded BE and reinstalled, but same problem. Anyone have any