I'm running BE8.0 and the NT agent on Win2K. The agent let's me backup
just fine but when I restore to the Win2k box, all files end up in the
root of the drive. I can redirect to an NT 4.0 box and that's just fine
but then I have to copy everything back over to the Win2K box. Also,
can't restore the registry and such. According to the knowledge base,
there is no agent for Win2K as yet. They say it'll be released with
futre versions. I doubt I'll be buying BackupExec in the future if this
can't be fixed soon. Win2K has been out for a year and a half and
there's still no solution.

Anyone come across a work-around?

Also, can backup WinMe just fine and it creates the directory structure
on restore but all files get restored as zero-byte files. USELESS!