The background:
We are running botn Netware and NT here. I have BackupExec for NT with Agent
Accelerator for Netware installed on a Netware 5.0 production server. It
runs the DS v 7.08. Very soon we are going add another Netware 5.1 box

I have accessed to spare PC whichcan be configured as Netware server. I
want to configure this a "backup" server so that I can apply the necessary
patches to it rather than messing around with the production server.

So I configured the spare PC off the main network with the idential tree
and server names and network numbers and then tried a restore after loading
Agent Accelerator.

I can not restote the NDS - it says "Access denied to directory /. Error
wiring SMS data stream". Then I checked with the local veritas tech support
and the guy said you can not do this. Is it true? What am I doing wrong?

I can not use the Netware built in NDS back option as it will lock the NDS