I have the exact problem you had in DEC 99.

I first run the Tape drive on the same scsi card as the harddrives.
Then i changed to a new scsi board, but this didnīt do any change.
The backup works fine if you run a job emediatly after starting BE.
But Scheduling is not working...

It looks like the drive dosenīt respond after BE have been active for some

Anyone know whatīs wrong here?
Iīm not using a Dell server.
Iīm using a Adaptec SCSI.
Thanks... /Andreas Svensson, SUF, Hallsberg, Sweden."mario"
>Hi I'm running backup exec 7.5 for Netware. I'm running a Netware 3.2 environment.
>I receive an error code mount19 reset(9). I've upgraded the firmware. I've
>Loaded the patches. and put a UPS on the power. I've also cleaned the drive.
> Changed the sync transfer rate for the host adapter. Apparently, I can
>run a backup exec during the day. At night, Backup exec continues to be
>a problem. I've spoke to Dell about any power management features. They
>claim that the server doesn't have any power mgmt features. I've also checked
>the cabling replaced the drive. Installed the latest tape drivers. This
>backup used to work fine and then all of a sudden stopped working consistently.
>Thanks in advance.