I have a Seagate Scorpion 40 (reported as Archive Python) that works great
with Backupexec 7.5. However, the first time BackupExec starts after a server
reboot, it reports that it cannot find the specified drive in the partition
management. To correct the problem, I can either delete everything in the
BKUPEXEC\PM directory and allow it to auto-detect the drive OR I can follow
the on-screen prompts and redefine the partition. Once I've down this, I
can completely unload ALL Bkupexec NLMs and then restart the whole program
using BESTART without any errors.

I have read through the following URL:

These directions work great, BUT the problem comes back if I reboot the server
and then I'm once again forced to manually deal with the situation. I'm
toying with the idea of automatically deleting the PM directories at each
server boot, but am hoping there's a better fix.

Any ideas?

(System: NW4.11 (sp6a) with Backupexec 7.5. Seagate Scorpion 40)