Well that's just great. I already bought the multiserver edition (enterprise).
I'm going to have to call them up and see if I can get a refund, this is

"Brian Buchanan" wrote:
>I was unable to select/use TCPIP until I updated my build of BE 8.0. I

>the CD install gave me build T250 and to get TCPIP I needed build T256.

>I'm downloading T300 today, btw. I don't regularily backup workstations
>but the few times I have, It must have been using TCPIP as IPX/SPX is not
>installed on the workstation. BTW, I'm using the single server version,
>and not the Enterprise version (So says the box)
>"George Carden" wrote:
>>I'm using Netware SB 4.2 and BE 8.0. My workstation backups are pretty

>>I did a bit of research and it turns out this is due to BE using the SPX
>>protocol. My highest throughput rate is about 750KB. This causes my tape
>>drives (SDT-7000s/SDT-9000s/Aiwa TD-20001) to stop, wait for data, go,

>>wait, go. This slows things down even more. Also, I end up wasting GB's

>>tape space, not to mention the added wear on the motors.
>>After reading the tech notes it looks like the only solution is to use

>>however, after searching through more tech notes I discovered 'TCP/IP'

>>be selected in the Job Manager/Options/Agent window UNLESS I purchases

>>Enterprise Edition. We're talking huge $$$$ here. Are there any other remedies
>>or should I be looking at another backup program?