Good day.

At work we recently installed a Travan 20 tape drive, and Veritas Backup
Exec Desktop Edition 4.2.1 (SRS) SRS 240B72A. I would, however, also
like to use BE with a Wangdat 3100 DAT drive and a Yamaha CRW8824S
CDR-W. However, these devices are not detected by BE. Could I have a
version of BE that only works with Seagate devices?

These devices are on an Adaptec 2902E controller along with a Plextor
PX-32TS CD-ROM and a Microtek ScanMaker X6EL.

The other controller is an Asus SC875 with a scattering of hard drives.

Also, anyone know if Veritas Backup Exec Desktop Edition will read tapes
created using Seagate Direct Tape Access v3.0?

Anyone know if Seagate DTA v3.0 will run under Win 2000 Pro?

Any help appreciated,

David Chapman