have had continuing media damaged error problems on backup an verification
since I got BackUp exec. finally was able to get high speed cd-r and cd-rw
650 mb disks. have backed up twice using the new media with no problems and
it has backedup and verified much faster and better compression. example:
takes 47 minutes to backup and verify 2.66 gig on 3 cd-r's.last of which has
only 700mb, first to appprox 1000mb. however, trying the same companies
cd-rw disks it was twice as slow and got a media error on first disk. figure
that one out.

disks I got were Zio tek650 mb 74 min 16X cd-r and cd-rw all speed 650 mb 74
mb ziotek. obtained from Cyberguys.com ,cheap too.not connected with them.

using a plextor 12/10/32a firmware 1.08

this is just for info

bernie mansbach