I have often realized that I even do not know what precisely will
be backup, where is the most data coming from. For example, since
I have WindowsMe, after a full backup on my DAT, the next day I have
already 300Mbyte diff, this is 5-6 times the amount of what was common
with W98.

I tried to get the listing of the backup set, to no avail. All what
I was able to do was to use the compare operation. By doing so I
figured out that the 280Mbyte comes indeed from the disc C: and thus
this must be related to the "system restore" of WinMe but I could not
figure out what files are these. The problem with Veritas Backup is that
the on the store/compare applet the window to the file spec is very short
and they shorten the path to the file (!!!) so that I could see only
fragments of it. It something with .../RESTORE/RCnbnbnbnb.cab.

I searched for these files but I could not find them. They are probably
among these new fashion-hidden files of WinME.

How to obtain a nice full backup listing from Veritas Backup?