Before embarking on a business trip to Eastern Europe, I thought it prudent
to test VBEDE v. 4.4.1's (retail, not trial version ) ability to do a
full-up Disaster Recovery on a Win2K Pro laptop for the first time since
I've owned it. All went well until the final phase, where files on the
final two Disaster Recovery diskettes get uncompressed and loaded into the
newly-restored-from-CD operating system. They apparently did, but upon
rebooting, there was not a trace of VBEDE anywhere--not on the desktop, not
in the Start Programs list, not even in the temp files or recycle bin.
Beats me where it went!

I was able to restore only after manually installing the VBEDE program on
the minimalist installation of Win2K. But I don't think it's supposed to
work like this. Otherwise I may just as well reinstall Win2K myself, load
VBEDE, and then restore from tape.

The only glitch I encountered before this was that I'd apparently mistyped
my Win2K CD Key when I originally created the Disaster Recovery disk set.
But when I got an error message on this during the restore, I just typed it
in correctly and the restore process SEEMED to continue without a problem.

Anyone else get this to work as advertised? Did I miss a step?


Herb Crites