never mind... Just found the 'append' option... boy do I feel stoopid.

Bruce Bowler wrote:
> Let me start by saying I'm mostly familiar with Retrospect backup
> software on the Mac. It's got one feature that I really like that I
> can't seem to do with Veritas BE (4.2 retail).
> With Retrospect, I can define backup jobs in such a way that the data is
> added to the backup media rather than replacing and/or overwriting the
> existing data on the backup media. This lets me restore essentially any
> previous version of a file that was on backup, not just the most recent
> one, while minimizing the # of backup media that I must keep (ie I can
> do the same thing with Veritas BE if I do each backup on a separate
> piece of [mostly empty] media).
> Am I missing something in Veritas BE that lets me duplicate Retrospect's
> capabilities or is it simply not there?
> Thanks!
> Bruce