I "upgraded" from 3.0 to 4.2.
On testing my Disaster Recovery disks I get the message "A controller was
not at the current settings. Ref: 0000000A"
I am using an ASUS P5A-B Socket 7 Motherboard, an AMD K6-2 450 MHz CPU, an
iomega Ditto Max with a 4 MBs controller, and an Adaptec 2910 SCSI card for
my Plextor CD ROM. I also have an iomega ATAPI Zip 100. Is the controller
refered to in the error message the iomega 4 MB/s tape interface? I tried
locking the IRQ and DMA settings for this P & P card solve the problem, but
It didn't help.
I then tried Veritas 4.2 on another PC also with an iomega 4 MB/s Plug &
Play interface card to the Ditto Max and got the same result.
Finally I tried it with another PC that uses and older iomega Ditto Dash
card that is not Plug and Play and it worked fine!
Does v4.2 Disaster Recovery not work with an iomega Ditto 4 Mb/s Plug & Play

Thanks, Art Prest