You need to install the Shuttle drivers for the tape drive. Go to and download version 1.41
EPATCD Installer. Works for me. Some quirks on bootup, but I think this is
caused when I have both my parallel port scanner and tape drive on.

With 4.2 you lose the ability to format tapes. I've had great luck formatting my
old TR3 tapes. They become 3.3/6/6mb tapes.

Let me know if you have any questions

Crispin Ferreira wrote:

> When I upgrade the OEM v2.0j that comes with the AIWA TD-P10 drive the Shuttle
> driver is removed and the new install of backupexec ver 4.2 does not find
> any tape drive and Win98 second edition does not have the tape drive in Device
> Manager,If i revert to the original version the drive is back.If anyone else
> is experiencing similar problems or have a solution kindly let me know.
> Thanks
> Crispin