I'm using a Ricoh 7040A with no problem. I've messed up a few CDRW's but was able
to erase them using Adaptec EZCD and then reuse them in BE or any other program.
Try erasing them in a different program. Out of about 50 CDRW's (cheap CompUSA 4x
media) I've had one batch that was plain bad 5 out of 25. The bad ones exhibited
the symptoms you describe.

Bob Bryla wrote:

> Now that I've started using BE 4.2 under NT4/SP5, with an ext scsi Yamaha
> CD-RW 4416, I have LOST ABOUT TEN (10) CD-RW disks, and I believe I have
> narrowed it down to BE 4.2. How this is possible, I'm open to suggestions
> -- what happens is that even with a brand new blank CD-RW (Memorex), BE 4.2
> keeps on asking me to put a volume label and also asks to format the CD-RW.
> After formatting, it always gives me some kind of "seek" error, and basically
> the CD-RW is unusable. If I try to erase the CD-RW under Adaptec EZ-CD Creator,
> it tells me the medium is CD-R, and can't be added or written to.
> I even tried taking the "Bad" CD to another machine with a Memorex 1622 2x
> writer/rewriter, it also tells me that the medium is now READ ONLY and CANNOT
> be rewritten or erased!
> So I still tried to blame it on the Yamaha somehow, because how could software,
> even via hardware, make a CD-RW unusable???? But I took a BRAND NEW CD-RW,
> went through several write/read/erase/rewrite/erase/etc. in Adaptec's software
> no problem -- then tried using that CD in BE 4.2, and is rendered UNUSABLE!
> Under 4.2, I have no problem with CD-R, even spanning multiple CD's, as
> I long ago when through all the SCSI troubleshooting and so forth, works
> fine in this case.
> So, now I can't use CD-RW any more with BE 4.2! This is a problem! HELP!!!
> Bob Bryla