Thanks for your time, help, and advise!!!

Using an older version of Veritas BackupExec 4.5A and an old Seagate Tape
Drive (STT320000A) on a Windows 98 Second Edition.
,,,,and, I am a newbie at using this Veritas and Seagate stuff.

The Seagate drive installation and the delivery of Veritas BackupExec 4.5A
is an add-on.

Several computers are linked in a LAN and BackupExec 4.5A works like a champ
to backup to a 20GB tape for those computers and files selected for backup!!!

In this case the original box, CD (or diskettes), and documentation, cannot
be found.

As I understand, the following is a download link for the 4.6.1 version
of the product with documentation:


Would like to know about any experiences related to upgrading from 4.5A to
in reference to the following:

1. Does 4.6.1 support the Seagate STT320000A (Hornet---I think???)

2. Does 4.6.1 correct the followng----(just curious):

The only problem encountered with the 4.5A version is that most

of the time when the BackupExec is backing up files from the LAN

and it is terminated either by the X in the upper rignt corner
of the window,
a BOOT, a power failure, etc. during the backup BackupExec 4.5A

appears to corrupt the files in the log information area and
the error
message "BDWIN,,,etc" (sic) is displayed on attempts to run BackupExec


Manually deleting these files from that directory clears up the
error and
BackupExec 4.5A will then run normally.

3. The Seagate STT320000A tape drive firmware is identified as:

TARGET ID: 1 Firmware Version: 8A5
Logical Unit Number: 0

If a upgraded driver and/or firmware is available would there
be an
advantage to install these?
If so, what link can be used to get these?

4. Also, the tape drive during initial operation seems to be doing a
lot of
rewinding and forward motion (locating the Beginning Of Tape
marker???) before any files start backing up,,,is this the normal

behavior or will any upgrades change this behavior? Again,,,just

THANKS for your time, help, and advise!!!!!