Using MS Windows 98 (or Me) Backup program I made a backup onto a CD. I used
Adaptec Direct CD to make the CD act like a hard drive I suppose, and then
was able to create a backup straight on to the CD. When I tried to restore
from the created backup, I was having mounting problems with the Adaptec
Direct CD program and the CD I had used for my backup. I kept trying to access
my CD with the newly created backup file on it. I did eventualy get the
CD to be mounted and I copied the backup file to my hard drive immediately.
The CD could have become stratched maybe and so a small part of my backup
file might have become corrupted, making it non restorable by MS Windows
Backup program.

The Windows Backup program starts to read my backup file and then stops with
the following error message:

An error occured while retrieving the backup directory.
End of volume (4613 1205)

Can anyone please help me restore my lost files from my MS Windows Backup