I know this isn't quite the right forum, but it is the closest one I could
find since Veritas will not support my product in a forum anymore.

Cannot install Backup Exec for Windows95 (2.0) on two machines, both of which
run Win95B. Many other apps have been installed on these machines and run
fine. When trying to install Backup Exec, the following message appears:

Severe Error:
Compressget failed to uncompress A:\OLR32ENU.Z
c:\Program Files\Seagate\Backup Exec\OLR\AFF2.GIF

I push OK and it goes to the next file and gives the same error on that file.
This goes on for many files. At the end of this, the program has not been
installed properly and will not run.

Notes: I know the floppy disks are good.

Veritas Knowledge Base has an item that addresses this issue: It says the
some OEM versions of Win95 have a registry error that produces the installation
error with Backup Exec. It says the registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE|SOFTWARE|MICROSOFT|WINDOWS|CURR ENT
VERSION|DEVICE PATH should read C:\WINODWS\INF only and to remove anything
after this. I checked this on my machines in questions and this registry
key was OK. It just read C:\WINDOWS\INF.

Thus I do not know what is causing the installation error.