Anyone know what 'Code 67' means?
This appears in the SCHEDULER log (NOT the BE log) after a scheduled
backup job has apparently been initiated correctly but has not actually
done anything. The code is not noted in the BE documentation.

At the moment we suspect that there is a difference between the regular
BE Desktop program and BESTART.EXE. BE Desktop runs the relevant job
just fine, completes the log and everything appears normal. BESTART
runs and does nothing (no log entry at all, and this undocumented error
code appears in the Scheduler log). It's a pity the BE documentation is
so weak with respect to error codes (and in other respects, also).

The only clue at the moment is that in (good old) MS-DOS program
completion codes, decimal 67 meant 'missing network drive'. There is a
drive letter referenced in the backup job which is a 'substituted'
drive-letter. We use it to make the server configuration match the
client PCs - 'F' is the drive-letter for a network drive on each client
PC identifying the server share and is also a 'subst' in the
Autoexec.bat on the server defining the same area. We support a
vertical market app. which requires this.

Maybe BESTART wrongly assumes the F-drive referenced in the backup job
must be a network drive, cannot find it - and panics?????
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