I'm just installing an Asus A7V133 board and having troubles withmy backup
program and a Sony SCSI DAT tape drive.

The SCSI adapter is a Buslogic 946c that has worked well in two other
computers. At boot up, the Buslogic name comes up, but this is followed by
a screen or two of nonsense letters, numbers and symbols. However, I can
enter the SCSI bios (ctrl-B), and all looks well.

After the boot, the SCSI card is sharing irq 9 with four other devices, but
the Sony tape drives shows up ok in Device Manager, as does the Buslogic
SCSI adapter.

However, when I try to open Seagate's ( now Veritas's) BackupExec to back up
to the tape drive, a screen comes up that says the program has performed
and illegal operation and will shut down. Details says that the fault lies
in BEWIN32 in an unknown module.

What's going on?