I've done a backup that was 11 GB and it wouldn't fit on one tape with
hardware compression used.

Jack Hudgions" wrote in message
> In article <3837b97c@hronntp01.>, Gustoff wrote:
> > I have a Aiwa td-20001 tape backup. I want to know if anyone has gotten
> > their hardware compression to work on their ns20 tape drives. If I have

> > hardware compression enabled in the device manager, it will will show

> > the hardware is compressing when I am backing up(using BE 4.2). The

> > thing is that it doesn't make a difference in file size(1:1). If I

> > the hardware compression in the device manager, BE will use its software
> > compression(which I get 1.3:1). Any replies are appreciated.

> I just got one of these drives also. I believe what you're seeing is

> I do not believe the software is able to report the amount of compression
> when hardware compression is enabled.
> An easy way to test this theory (which I've not yet done myself) is to

back up
> more than 10GB of data with hardware compression enabled. If it fits on

> tape, compression must be working.
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