I had the same issue (I could not figure out how to schedule the backup using
the Win98 Task Scheduler) and I asked the question to Veritas Technical Support
via e-mail. The response I received is copied below. I did as Ms. Rogers
suggests, and, sure enough, there is now an entry in Task Scheduler for my
backup job. We'll see if it launches next Sunday night.

John Bloniarz

From: (Support)
To: ('John Bloniarz')

If task scheduler is installed, when you create a backup job and choose schedule
the task scheduler will automatically come up with the proper information.
If you are not using task scheduler and prefer to use our scheduler simply
rename the following file

taskman.exe or mstask.exe or sage.dll

Please be advised you will not be able to use the MS Task scheduler if this
file is renamed.

thank you,

Jill Rogers
VERITAS Technical Services
Desktop Support

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The latest upgrade of Backup Exec (V4.2) does not allow me to use the Backup
Scheduler part of the product and tells me to go back to the Task Scheduler
instead (like we formerly did before V3.0). The "help" for the product tells
me to see then manual as to how to do this, and the currently-online manual
on this web site gives no further information than the "help". When I previously
was able to use the Task Scheduler (on Win 95 with V2.0 of Backup Exec),
I needed a little .EXE file which was available on the Seagate Software web
site to schedule the job (perhaps it was called BESCHED.EXE?). How do I
do this now, particularly, how do I provide the name of the backup job I
wish to run (as I want to schedule several of my backup jobs at different

Thank You,
John Bloniarz

"LuRayne M Waite" wrote:
>I cannot initiate an unattended backup using either the Windows 98 backup
>program or the windows 98 scheduler. The version of backup I'm using is
>Is a scheduled unattended backup possible with this software? If so, please
>tell me how.