I have a Seagate 20GB tape drive. Since I don't backup often, I've tended
to do full backup. I want to start doing more frequent backups, so I was
planning to do my full backups now and just do shanged files every week or
so. My question is the best way to go about it- differential or incremental
backups ( I plan on these only for disaster recovery)? Also append or overwrite
as the option? I tried this on my own and it looked like the overwrite option
is wrong for an changed file backup - I think I erased everything else. Should
the incremental go on the same or a different tape as the full backup (can
it even go on a different tape). Should I overwrite the incremental each
time I do one, or should I just have a group of incrementals following a
full backup? I realize this is a bit lengthy, but the on-line documentation
just describes the options, not how best to use them. Any help would be appreciated.
Gary J. Mueller