This is an awkward situation. I downloaded the demo of this program a while
ago, tried it in my Win98 PC and it worked really fine. Unfortunately, procrastination
played its role, I never bought it and this week-end my hard drive crashed.
I was shocked but then it hit me, I remember I had some CD backup somewhere,
I had used this program. The sad thing is that I never actually bought it
and neither did I have a backup copy of the backup program. So I came back
to the website to download it again, and to my consternation, I found out
this is a discontinued program. Any chance a charitable soul would be willing
to let me get the demo again?
After all, since I have to format and install Win98 again, I could have still
downloaded the demo and run it again, something not exactly right but anyway,
if only it were available.
By the way, I realize there are many IT people around here, I'm not from
that field, I'm just a savvy user who has occasional bursts of initiative
but didn't go the extra-mile.
Thanks in advance