Sorry I'm in a real "sea of ****"

I Still Use A Seagate Backup for Windows 95 V.1.15

I've no more the catalog of the backups made on the HD. I know that the
program can read them from the support, but I discovered that it don't
write them at the beginning or at the end of the tape, so to recover them,
the program must read all the tapes that contain a backup set. In my case,
so one backup set is formed by 6 to 8 8mm Tapes, the program need form 11
to 19 hours to rebuild the catalog and the same time to restore.
My questions are:
1) My I retrive the catalog in some way by the arcbkup.acf file, in the
system dir of the program, that I see it contains all the name of the
files I backed Up ?? Or some kind of other tricks ???
2) If not point 1), How can I restore all the contains of a backup set
with a sort of low level commands don't careing about the rebuild of
catalog ??? Doing so , I'll avoid to wait the catalog rebuilding (11/19
hours) and restore all to a HD device.
3) Can I read the tapes made with Seagate Backup 1.15 with Veritas products
Is somewhere an utility to do so.
I intend to migrate application and device !!!
Thanks !!! Please Help Me !!!