I have a recurring problem, when I create a full backup set, then weekly
do an incremental backup, the first incremental runs fine, but the second
week's locks up. I was told by tech support that this was because I had
to stop my AOL session before I let the backup proceed, (it alwys stops at
the point where it tries to backup my main.idx file from my AOL directory),
but even if I have already stopped AOL, it still will hang. This causes
a problem because the incremental media (the one that has the previous week's
data on it), is no longer usable, when you try to use it, Backup Exec Pro
tells you that it needs to recover the media first, and then stays at the
"recovering medium" message for the next several hours, (I finally cancelled
it after 5 hours), and even then the only way to really get it to stop is
to eject the CD-R.

Has anyone else run into this problem? I have a P-3 850Mhz with a HP 9310i
CD-RW drive. I use Imation CD-R's, but I get the same problem no matter
which brand of CD's I use.

Once this happens I can no longer use the incremental backup disk, so I have
to do an entire full backup again, (for me that's 7 CD's) (I have 2 30GB
drives in the PC).

Any help would be appreciated.