Are there any known issues with the Jazz and desktop Pro? All of a sudden
the thing hangs up with error messages indicating problems at EOJ--'bad data'
among others...here is my posting to Iomega....
I am using Veritas Backup Exec Pro and have been using the entire setup for
6 or more months...all of a sudden the backup is encountering errors(-errors
writing final volume data-SD-Invalid data 4616 1208). This does not appear
to be a Veritas problem as I was able to accomplish B/U to a HDD file and
then copying the data set to the jazz drive.
I tried three different Jazz cartridges and left out files it received error
messages on to no avail. One other error message received was: 4616-1208A-error
copying file.

These errors do not happen on the same file and, like I mentioned, did not
happen when going to a HDD file.

***********and their response.....
"Thank you for using Iomega's Online Support services. I sincerely apologize
for any inconvenience you may have experienced using your Iomega product.
We do not support or recommend the use of Seagate/Veritas software with the
drive. Do you have any problems copying to the drive without using the
Veritas software?"

Any ideas would be apprecited.