I'm pretty well versed using 4.5 Pro both with tape and CDs on a W2K machine
where it works perfectly fine every time.

However, I have a new installation on a W98 SE box and after six attempts
to save to a CDR, I get the old, dreary, catch-all error message stating:

"An error occurred while writing the backup data. A defective or damaged
area was detected on the media. Please use another media or try using the
erase format menu item to repair the media. (1D-03-23-01-0200)"

The batch of CDRs are not suspect in my opinion. They work fine on the W2K
machine and six in a row are unlikely.

What I have found as a clue is that each of the media that caused the "abort
with error message" was FULL! When I went to Tools and asked it to identify
media it said 736mb used out of a capacity of 736mb! What I believe is happening
here is it can't write anymore because the media is full and instead of prompting
for another blank CD, it's presenting the error msg.

The CD writer is an HP 8100 Plus which the Veritas software is identifying
simply as HP Drive, which I think is a little strange too. Any help will
be appreciated! Doug