I can use metasend to reliably send a file to another account. I
receipt on hotmail and on the web email reader that my University
provides. Here is the script I use where the single argument
is the file I want to send, e. g. tr799.pdf

metasend -b -e base64 -D "$1" -f $1 -t D-leff@wiu.edu -m application/
pdf -s " $1 being sent "

However, the file name is garbled. On hotmail, the recipient always
it as attach1.pdf. WIU's web-based mail reading tool changes the
in the file to an underscope. E. G. tr799.pdf shows up at the
as tr799_pdf and the user has to manually change the extension.

Can this be resolved. I searched the comp.unix newsgroups
but did not find any answers but two questions along these lines
including March 16, 1999 from destination70 in comp.unix.admin

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