I'm trying to create a makefile that can I can place in the root of my
project directories and have it go through each sub directory and just
compile and link the files as a makefile normally would. The make
documentation pointed me to setting a variable called VPATH, but I'm
not getting the results I thought I would. My small script is listed

# Project codename

#Set the VPATH Directories

# Grab a list of all cpp files, renamed as .o files
objects := $(patsubst %.cpp,%.o,$(wildcard *.cpp))

all: project

project: $(objects)
echo $(VPATH)
echo $(objects)

Now in theory that should print a list of the directories currently
set in the VPATH variable and a list of the renamed files. However,
all I get is the VPATH variable printed. It looks like its not finding
all the source files contained within that directory. Am I using VPATH