I want to use serial cable connection from one BSD UNIX to cisco or another
UNIX. I want to prepare simple sh script for automating that job, like:
login, show config, show interface, make backup config etc

So , I know: cu -l /dev/cua00 -s 9600, and it is working OK on UNIX-system1,
asking for username/ password etc.

Now I want to redirect (input and output ?) to "chat -v sername:
username_sys2 ssword: passw_ys2

but how to do that ?

simple ppp is working also, /etc/ppp.conf:


ppp ON BSD1> set device /dev/cuaa1

ppp ON BSD1> set speed 9600

ppp ON BSD1> term


.......but again, how to automate login process ?

tganks in advance !