has anyone some experiences with IPv6 and it's traffic class and flow
label header fields? I'm trying to set them to my socket, but wireshark
tells me, that they stay 0. Here's some code:

struct addrinfo hints, *res=NULL;

[...hints being initialized with AF_INET6...]

rc = getaddrinfo(server, servport, &hints, &res);
sd = socket(res->ai_family, res->ai_socktype, res->ai_protocol);

((struct sockaddr_in6*)res->ai_addr)->sin6_flowinfo=htonl(123);
//trying to set flowinfo
rc = connect(sd, res->ai_addr, res->ai_addrlen);

Any hints? I'm using Ubuntu 6.10 and IPv6 is working but no flowinfo.

Thanks in advance,