Hi guys,
I am from Italy, iI decided to sell some equipment i don't need
anymore.I'll write down a brief description,so if you are going to need
any particular information on a specific part,or any pictures, please
don't hesitate to ask, I'll be glad to mail them to you!

I'm selling this Compaq's Alphaserver DS20 equipped with:

- Single Digital CPU board,part number 54-24758-05.C06,(i'm not sure if
it's 500 or 550MHz), but for sure it has 4MB onboard cache L2;

-Digital Equipment motherboard P/N 54-24756-02, S/N AY94900836, with 6
64bit PCI slots;

-Digital SCSI Ethernet PCI controller (on PCI bus) P/N KZPCM-DX Rev.
A.02 , S/N 5S05103949;

-16x 100MHz synchronous ECC Registered 200pin ram memory modules, of
9 are 128MB size;
7 are 256MB size, for a total of 2.8GB ram memory.

-4x 18.2 GB 10.000rpm ultra wide SCSI hot swappable hard drives in
raid configuration;

-Pre-installed VMS operating system version 7.2.I must find it, but i
have also the original licenses;

-720W power supply.

-SCSI DAT backup unit(also a few new cartridges), and SCSI cd-rom

If anyone is interested, i could mount a second processor board and
maybe try to find 256MB ram memory modules to swap with those of 128MB.

For this configuration i'd ask 700 euro,but I am open to any discussion
about the price, I also know the shipping is pretty expensive for this
monster of more than 40 kilograms!

Best regards,

Mihic Vanja, Modena, Italy.