FS: MultiBus II Boards and Equipment

ETI MultiBus II Chassis 9 Slot with Power Supply $50

Intel PWA 1000515 MultiBus II Aux Bus Dual (2 Slot) Auxillary
Connector Backplane/Jumper with Hardware, NEW: $5 Ea (4 Avail)

Electronics Soutions PR0100A MultiBus II Prototyping Board with
Interface Circuitry, NEW: $50

Intel PWA 1000402 MultiBus II Prototyping Board: $25

OSI Brand PC0046B MultiBus II Prototyping Board: $20 Ea (4 Avail)

Intel PWA 1000281-01 MultiBus II Extender Card: $40

+ Actual Shipping Costs

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Mike Nowlen