Volker N. Englisch wrote:
| I have several "Bull Questar 310" attached to a unix machine in VT220
| emulation mode. They work very fine. Now I want to connect to a VMS
| host using telnet...
| After calling an editor on the VMS machine that uses fullscreen mode,
| there is only line 24 remaining for any action on the screen. The
| output of the host scrolls only in this single line. The terminal line
| on the VMS host is set to VT200 (-series).
| One DEC VT510 in VT220 emulation mode, working as the system console,
| doesn't have these problems.


Your problem statement does not contain enough precise detail to
allow anybody to be certain of what is going on.

It would be helpful, for instance, to know if "an editor" is EVE,
or EDT, or some vi clone, or something else.

Do you mean that your terminal is connected by an RS-232 serial
cable to the Unix host, and then you are running the "telnet"
command on the Unix host to connect through to the VMS host?
And that the Bull terminal works OK with the Unix host?

The following statement is unclear: "The terminal line on the
VMS host is set to VT200 (-series). Do you mean that the output
of "SHOW TERMINAL" indicates a "VT200-series" terminal type?

The following statement is unclear: "...there is only line 24
remaining for any action on the screen." Do you mean that all of
the computer's output gets rendered on the bottom line of the

It is possible that the Bull Questar 310 does not correctly
emulate the DEC VT220 in some respect. The "scrolling regions"
feature would be under suspicion, but it could be something else.
You could run the "vttest" program on the Unix machine to test
the display-feature compatibility of the Questar 310.


The EDT and EVE editors infamously exploited tricky features of
the DEC terminals, so incompatibility often is revealed by them.

Another problem might be lack of 8-bit channel transparency. You
could maybe force the VMS machine to send 7-bit control sequences
by some command like


(No longer having access to a VMS machine, I'm not certain
that's the correct syntax. Use the "HELP" system to look it up.)

Or you could throttle back the VMS machine's notion of what
terminal type it's talking to, by trying...


Hope that helps.


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