For Sale: COSMOS CMS-16/UNX, Vintage UNIX Computer and Sun Multibus

I have a COSMOS CMS-16/UNX system available, probably early 80's. I
understand it ran a Unisoft port of v7 UNIX in a 8Mhz 68000 CPU and
1MB of RAM with Intel Multibus. Some of the boards were also used in
Sun Multibus systems

-System Shelf - 9 slot Multibus with Power Supply, Front Cover and Key
Switch with Key
-CMT-CPU Multibus 68000 Processor Board, w/ Manual
-QTY 2, PSM 512A Multibus Error Correcting DRAM Boards, w/ Manual
-Interphase SMD 2181 Storage Module Controller/Formatter,(used in Sun)
-Ciprico Tapemaster 1/2" Tape Drive Controller (used in Sun)
- 3com Ethernet Board (used in Sun)

See pictures of the above at

I also have another Multibus chassis with power supply available along
with some auxiliary bus connectors.

$200 + Shipping takes all

Please e-mail any offers for part or whole.
Thanks for reading,

Mike Nowlen
Reston, VA
(703) 716-1363