I have P4 System, with good memory/hdd.,

i have loaded windows 2k server, & RHEL 3, Dual boot.its fine nothing
i have create a fat16 filesystem from linux, because it access from
both win/linux for ceating/deleting without any errors. upto this is
fine...from both O.S.

now i want to confiure this file system to SAMBA, for sharing the files
to others.i did the same.

but other peoples not having the permission for creating files.
the default permission was 755 & owners to root for this File system.
drwxr-xr-x 6 root root 16384 Oct 5 13:28 fat16fs

can any one help me to rectify this problem.
i need, other people have to create/delete files, in samba..

appreciating the reply....