I run an OSX.3 And by now everybody knows osx runs an unix terminal
(bash by default in osx.3 and 4 tsh in osx.2) But now here comes the
I've been running a ftp server on my mac and done it by running an app
named PureFTP (daim laisyness) and I've checked on the checkbox
'restrict to user directory' or something and convinced myself to turn
it off... So... I did...
But when I rebooted my dear there was the commandline, I've not been
unfamilary with the commandline but it's not the best is some ways (I
mean I always have to have the man pages to help me out, but didn't
work in this case)
So if I rebooted my dear there was the commandline telling me twice:
/etc/master.passwd: No such file or directory
/etc/master.passwd: No such file or directory
followed with the prompt to start typing :s
So first I started with trying to boot my imac with firewire by using
my powerbook an pushin the shortcut but didn't help. Second, I smashed
the osx install disk in the disk tray of my imac and booted the mac
with the 'boot from disk' shortcut but didn't work. Thirth I made my
iPod bootable, connected it to my imac and tryed (again with one of the

shortcuts) to change the bootdisk to my ipod. But also didn't work :s I

always directly comes to /etc/master.passwd: No such file or directory
I even tried to prompt 'I'm your master you don't need my password /ect

ect' but even to that he didn't listen...

Can someone help me and i'll prommis I'll never use PureFTP again,
thats for sure. If you can help me I'll let you download some stuff if
the server is back online.

I have hope in you guys!