had some trouble getting a proliant 5500 to boot from CD, but when I
did I went to install Fedora Core 5 on it, only to get halfway into the
installation and find the CD was dud, I tried making some other copies
but they all turned out to have the same error.
Frustrated I downloaded an evaluation copy of windows server 2003
burnt it and rebooted my server.
Now whenever I put in a CD i know to be bootable I can't seem to boot
and in my inexperience I managed to wipe the system sector from the
hard disk array.
I've tried booting to the proliant smartstart CD and that didnt work,
and even went so far as to download a "bootable floppy" for windows NT
which didnt work.
The only way I've managed to get it to do anything other than print
"error loading operating system" was to pull all the hard disks and
boot to a dos floppy, and even then it wouldnt load the CD drivers.
Are there some jumpers I can set somewhere or something that will
force it into some kind of recovery mode, or have I simply killed it?