I need to install Centos 4.3 OS on a Fujitsu Siemens RX220 machine.
This machine has a Fastrack Scsi card which can create RAID with Sata
drives and has 2 AMD opteron proc (64 bits).

So i use Centos 4.3 for 64 bits processors, kernel version : 2.6.9-34
I asked Fujitsu Siemens to find me those drivers (they only deliver them
fr Suse RedHat and Windows) for my Fastrack Scsi card, and they gave me,
one day later, cause there were just released.
So i launch the install with "linux dd" to specify where were drivers. I
copy them on my usb disk, browse to them but the system didn't want to
use them.

Instead it uses a sata_promise driver.

when time for partitionning came up , the system found 2 sata drives
even (/dev/sda and /dev/sdb) if i created a RAID1 disk.
After i tried to reinstall it and, at the beginning of the install
process, i went to bash, rmmod sata_promise (lsmod shown me that it was
removed) and insmod the file called ft3xx.ko without any success.

I tried insmod, modprobe with different parameters such as -v -f but
nothing. The system didn't find any disk to install itself and reboot
the machine.

I have passed 2 days on it, i have learned a lot cause i didn't ever
heard about modules before, first time for me, but my time is short.

Any help would be great.


Best Regards.